Create a custom learning platform
for your organization, company or startup.

Learning platforms are complex. We make it simple. You make it magical.


Create custom extensions for tailor-made solutions.

Can’t find an extension you need? Cubic Studio is our all-in-one IDE for creating your extensions. This unique function offers flexibility and limitless creative possibility for building powerful, pitch-perfect learning solutions tailored to niche requirements.


All the tools you might know about Learning Management Systems, but better. Course management, user management, video and audio conferencing, gamification, and more. Represent materials in many forms to increase learners’ engagement.

Learning Analytics

Use AI-powered learning analytics to get deep insight into learners’ activities to effectively provide them with the right support to succeed. Get automated reports and custom notifications.


Let learners express what they have learned in different ways with creative assessment tools. Automated tools to take off the burden on the teacher so that they can focus on giving support to their learners.


Develop custom apps and plugins to extend the functionalities of your platform. We believe your organization is unique, so we provide you with the liberty to be creative. Request for an app or plugin, install free and premium extensions from the marketplace, or sell your app on the marketplace.

Every tool you will ever need to empower your learners.

We provide all the tools and extensions you will need to get your white-label learning platform up and running within minutes.

We give you what you want, and how you want it.