No platform is an island. With standards that ensures interoperability among various tools and platforms, we make it much easier to work with other tools and platforms.

SCORM, Tin-Can (xAPI), LRS

SCORM is the most widely used e-learning standard. If an LMS is SCORM compliant, it can play any SCORM content and conversely any SCORM content can be played in any SCORM compliant LMS.
xAPI or Tin-Can is an eLearning specification that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has within online and offline training activities.
A Learning Record Store (LRS) is a data store system that serves as a repository for learning records collected from connected systems where learning activities are conducted. It is an essential component in the process flow for using the Experience API (xAPI) standard by ADL or the Caliper standard by IMS Global.

Learning Tool Interoperable (LTI)

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is an education technology specification developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. It specifies a method for a learning system to invoke and to communicate with external systems.


AICC, acronym for Aviation Industry Computer-based training Committee . This standard, well anchored in people’s minds, has nevertheless been obsolete for a few years. Indeed, created in the early 90s was updated in the early years, but has not had an update for over a decade. Over time, it became less and less effective and could not keep up with the rapid evolution of e-learning.


cmi5 is an xAPI Profile that bridges the SCORM and xAPI divide by defining interoperability rules, including launch, authorization, reporting and course structure, that inform how an LMS and xAPI-enabled learning activities communicate with each other. Essentially, cmi5 = xAPI + LMS.

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